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About TVOC

“The Voice of China” first broadcasted at July 2012 as a large-scale professional TV reality singing competition. From the first to the third season this TV program has Liu Huan, Na Ying, Harlem Yu, Yang Kun, A-Mei, Feng Wang, Chyi Chin as the mentor-judges. The first season was officially broadcasted on Zhejiang TV in July 2012. It immediately caught the attention of the Chinese audience and maintained to be number one at the national TV ratings.

Until now a group of new generation singers has emerged, such as first season’s runner up Wu Mo Chou, second season winner Li Qi, third season winner Zhang Bi Chen and a number of popular contestants of “The Voice of China”. Besides the main mentors “The Voice of China” have also invited several famous singers to serve as “Dream Mentor” during the Battle phase, like Coco Lee, 三寶, Wang Zhi Ping, Jia Yi Nian, Wang Leehom, 阿弟仔 ,Wu Tsing Fong, ELLA, Jeff Chang, Zheng Jun, Jam Hsiao, Karen Mok, Chyi Yu and many others.

International recruitment for “The Voice of China” Season 4 has officially begun. This is the second time that the director and producers of “The Voice of China” will be visiting Europe. They will travel to United Kingdom, France and Holland to choose the unique and superb voice of China in Europe. This is your chance to show your singing talents!
Apply now and make your dream come true!