In the Chinese speaking world, and especially to those who grew up listening to radio and canto pop in Hong Kong from the mid 80’s, Sandy Lam is synonymous to transformation, perfection, femininity, talent, stylishness.

Sandy began her career in music at the tender age of 16 when she became a part-time DJ for Commercial Radio, Hong Kong’s leading music station. Her unique voice was soon recognized by CBS SONY which offered Sandy her first recording contract. In 1985, Sony released her debut album “林憶蓮” (Sandy’s Chinese name meaning remembering the Lotus) and Sandy instantly became one of the most watched-for new artistes. By her third album, “憶蓮”, the double platinum sales further affirmed Sandy’s status as one of the most popular female artistes in Hong Kong.

Sandy’s singing career has always been adorned with many awards and accolades, establishing her standing as one of the most innovative and respected performer
in the music industry. To her name, she has won numerous awards including Best Regional Performing Female Artiste, Best Album, Best Female Vocalist, Asia Pacific Most Outstanding Female Artiste and an honourable Music Award for her contributions to the music industry. In June 2008, Sandy was selected by Singapore Y.E.S. FM933 as one of the 25 most representative Chinese singers from the past 25 years.