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Unquestionably one of Asia’s most popular and influential rock groups, their place in Asian music history has already been secured. Mayday may hail from the small tropical island of Taiwan, but their fans stretch across Asia, the US, Europe, Australia and elsewhere.

Mayday first started out as “So Band”, which Ashin, Monster and their first drummer formed in 1995 while attending high school in Taipei. They were later joined by Masa and Stone, also pupils at the same school.
After graduation, despite attending different universities, they continued to perform in pubs and live houses, and were at the forefront of the growth of the rock music scene in Taiwan.

In 1997, the band changed their name and performed their now legendary first performance as Mayday at the Formoz Festival that year.
In the 14 years since, Mayday have released 8 albums, each one selling in their millions. Known for their poetic, heartfelt lyrics about love, heartbreak and youthful exuberance, their music has been the soundtrack to a generation.

Recognition hasn’t just come in the form of monster sales and arena tours; to date the band has won over 150 different industry and fan awards, including at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan and “Best Buzz Asia” by the Greater China Artist Awards. They have been hailed as “Best Band” an unprecedented four times by the Golden Melody Awards (the Chinese Grammy’s). This year alone, they were awarded Best Mandarin Album, Best Musical Arranger, Best Composer, Best Producer, and Song of the Year.

Mayday have always pushed the limits in their live performances, and have never ceased to challenge themselves. Their now legendary “Touching the Sky” concert in 2005 took place at a height of nearly 390.6 meters from the ground atop the then world’s tallest building, Taipei 101.

They have performed over 200 concerts to more than 10 million fans all over the world. Both nights of their Beijing Bird’s Nest leg of their tour in 2012 sold out in one day – over 200 000 tickets.

The band spent an unheard of 220 million Taiwan dollars on their “Mayday: 3DNA” tour and DVD, the first 3D concert movie in the Chinese music industry, and this year, they filmed the world’s first 4DX live concert movie “NOWHERE 4D”.

The band is currently on their biggest tour to date, the “NOW HERE Tour”.